Industry Terms from Counter Top Service in Niagara Falls

We understand that counter top installations can be confusing for those outside the industry. Our team at Counter Top Service has come up with a few definitions for our most common terms so you can better understand the installation process. If you have any questions, we encourage you to call Counter Top Service during our business hours.


A way to raise counter tops flush with a cabinet by adding strips of material to the counter top’s underside.


A smooth finish known for its deep shine.

Honed Finish:

A less shiny finish with a more satin texture than the gloss finish.


The industry term for sealing your counter top to protect it from water, oil and dirt.


A cabinet and counter top combination normally located in the center of a kitchen without touching the walls, hence the name.


Used often at Counter Top Service, a thin material attached to a particle board and used as the main component of the counter top.


A smooth finish, but with very little shine.